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Kgosi Fire Engineers P/L is a company based in the Northern Cape with satellite branches in Gauteng and Mpumalanga. The company is made up with five directors. Kgosi Fire Engineers P/L aims to be the best in the industry through the environment and the re-conditioning, servicing and installation of all fire extinguishers, vehicle suppression systems, sprinklers systems, gas and suppression detection systems. Kgosi Fire Engineers P/L are linked to better services, quality, safety and punctuality by delivering to the needs of their customers. Kgosi Fire Engineers P/L also have their own fire engineer in their team of experts.



We are unique and innovative in all areas of the business we do, and also use the resources we have to accelerate the pace in delivering quality and safe workmanship preparing for next business opportunity that may arise.



Give the sector in which we have established a presence, intense focus and aim to dominate. Provide great service by employing local quality people and supporting them through networking and executing business well.

Kgosi Fire Engineers P/L is committed to empowering its workforce and ongoing training to be the leaders in the market.

The Kgosi Fire Engineers P/L group are committed to quality and experienced service delivery to our customers and community.

Services And Product Line


  • Monthly service of fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems (fixed and vehicle systems)
  • Annual service of fire extinguishers as pes SANS 1475.
  • Re-conditioning of fire extinguishers to meet SABS standards.
  • Design and installation of suppression systems (Industrial, Mining equipment)
  • Basic extinguishers, hydrant and hose reel training.
  • Operator training on suppression systems.

Product Sales:

  • Fire extinguishers (DPC, CO2, FOAM, WATER)
  • Fire balls
  • Hose reels
  • Hydrants
  • Extinguisher brackets (Wall mount and vehicle)
  • Extinguishers cabinets (Steel and PVC)
  • First aid kits (Level 7)
  • Signage (Safety)
  • Fire blankets
  • Suppression systems (Qualified Technicians)

Fire Extinguishers

Suppression Systems

First Aid Kits

Hose Reels

Fire Hydrants

Fire Sprinklers

Authorised Installers Off

Gas Suppression

(HFC 227, Innergen, Novac, IG 541, Pyroshield, CO2, Foam, DCP)



Full time Fire Engineer 30 years’ experience.
Full time Electrical and Mechanical Engineer 30 years’ experience.
Qualified Snr technicians with assistant technicians.



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